Mother Theresa Memorial Central School school code: 75875

Mother Theresa Memorial Central School,
School Code - 75875
Affiliation No - 930916
Pulippara , Pangode P.O , Kallara , Thiruvananthapuram - 695609
Affiliation No : CBSE - 930916

Phone : 9447222950

Email :

Welcome to Mother Theresa Memorial Central School

Education, should be the judicious mixture of edification and entertainment. We believe that all students, should be given a congenial atmosphere in the school to make the learning process fruitful! We assure you eminent teachers to make, the educational process a grant success!!

Our Hon. Members

Hon. Secretary : Shri Rajeev

Hon. PTA President : Sajim Sha

Hon. Principal : Ajith Kamal

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Quality education provide to the students. Eligible and efficient teachers. Natural atmosphere. Modern facilities in a village area. Smart...

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